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Who is Simone?

Hey! My name is Simone, nice to meet you!

A few years ago, I moved abroad for the first time and ended up in Germany.

I didn’t know a word of German and had never thought of learning it.

Above all, I would have never imagined that studying German would lead me to discovering my greatest passion: learning foreign languages.

A few years have passed since then and today I find myself living in Austria, where I work daily in German, English, French and Spanish.

In 2019, I started studying Russian, which is currently my newest, most fascinating challenge (and which is opening up a new world to me that I can barely describe with words).

At the same time, I help those who want to take the wonderful path of learning foreign languages ​​by offering one-on-one coaching programs.

Do you want to be able to study in a more effective way ?

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