Engage yourself with the language and forget about the fact that you are learning


By getting PREMIUM access to the transcript of every podcast


Thanks to a special PREMIUM vocab list that comes with every podcast


Thanks to a special PREMIUM study plan that will guide you through your language learning journey



PRIVATE PLAN starting at only 9.97€/Month

You will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this master program if


    Your level in Italian is between lower-intermediate (A2) and upper-intermediate (B2)

  • FUN

    You want to learn the language while having fun and learn about a bunch of other interesting topics


    You are willing to integrate the Italian language into your life and learn the natural way

You will probably not like this master program if


    Your are a total beginner in Italian (A0, or A1). To find out listen to one of my podcasts, if you understand less than 30% this master program is probably not the best way for you to learn yet


    You are looking for in-depth explanations about the grammar and the structure of the Italian language


    You want to drill verbs and you are looking for specific exercises about how to use the tenses correctly


Improving your language skills with Simone’s Podcasts is fun and it’s fascinating how fast you can see progress. It’s really great way to get better in understanding native speakers talking and to enhance your vocabulary and learn expressions that you will never find in schoolbooks or when learning a language with non-native language teachers.

I’ve found Simone’s podcast on Spotify and decided to listen without knowing that I was going to discover a whole new world in Italian. Simone’s podcast, I think you already know it is good, period. But when I became a member of his membership program, I started to listen again to all the episodes reading the transcription along.
I can say that my Italian had a big improvement after that, and not only my listening skills, but also my reading and understanding. Even my speech has improved after I became a member. But it only helps if you decide to be consistent, of course.
I just have to thank Simone for his work, all his effort to bring his stories and share his adventures with us. I am grateful to be part of this and to be able to encourage Simone to continue his good work in teaching Italian in an easy and simple way.
Thank you, friend.


Every week, together with a new podcast, you’ll get access to a special PDF with the transcript of the episode.

Simone, what do I need the trascript for?

Having the transcript will boost your understanding because you’ll be connecting the written language to the spoken one. This will allow you to understand even parts of the speech that you were not able to understand before.

Part of the input (Simone speaking, in most of the cases) that was not comprehensible before, after reading the transcript will suddenly become crystal clear. That’s the most effective way for your brain to learn a language.

Every transcript comes with a special section where new words are explained in Italian, in English and in German.

Simone, what do I need this for?

Here I decided to go the extra mile. Let me explain you.

Not only you’ll get the transcript, but at the end of every single transcript, there will be a table with the explanation of the most difficult words. These words will be explained in Italian (using synonyms or a short clarification) and in English (translation in context).

No need to say that this will increase your understanding even more, boosting in turn your motivation to keep on learning the language.

Every transcript contains an extra set of secret missions for you to reinforce what you learn and make it stick to your long-term memory.

Simone, what exactly is this?

The secret missions are a set of BONUS exercises (usually two per episode) that will make sure that you further engage yourself with your study material (the transcript).

Got it! But why is this so important?

Well… Use it or lose it, as they say.

Engaging yourself with the language is an essential part of the learning process. This set of exercises will make sure that you’ll come back to the trascript a second or a third time, which is exactly what will make the material stick and commit all the new words and sentences to your long-term memory.

You’ll get access to a specific study plan with clear explanation about how to take the most out of every episode of podcast to maximize your learning efficency.

This sounds awesome Simone, but can you be more precise?

So, now you got the trascript of the podcast, the explanation of the new words and a set of secret missions to further help your long-term memory to remember all this stuff.

Now the question is: when to do what?

When to plan what activities?

Should you listen to the podcast while reading the transcript?

Or better listen to it before and read the transcript afterwards?

Maybe a combination of both?

The STUDY PLAN is your ultimate tool to avoid wondering how to plan your days and when to use what material. You’ll get access to a clear and easy to follow study routine.

The plan is available in both Italian and English.

Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

You’ll get access to our private live events on zoom.

Simone, what’s happening during these live events?

Good question, my friend 🙂

ONE event per month is going to be with me. We’ll have a cozy chat while drinking coffee, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything and interact with other listeners from all over the world.

A SECOND event is going to be with Elisa, my favorite (and very experienced) Italian teacher, who is going to tackle some interesting grammar topics each month. Don’t miss it if you want to polish your grammar skills!

You’ll get access to the archive of the PREMIUM material of  every single episode the podcast, starting from episode 1

Simone, what does this material include?

This means that no matter when you subscribe to the membership program, you can always access the old transcriptions with the explanations of the new words and the missioni segrete of every single episode.

Ready to rock? 😉

You’ll get access to a lot of BONUS material

Simone, what kind of bonus material?

Extra interviews (in video or audio format).

Recordings of our LIVE sessions about Italian grammar.

Backstage interviews with other members of my team.

Additional transcript and/or subtitles for the above-mentioned interviews.

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