Meet The Team

Simone ǀ Founder

Italian-born global citizen with a strong addiction to traveling and language learning.

Welcome home ❤️

My favourite quote

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious – A. Einstein

Francesca ǀ Digital Content Strategist

Curious traveler with a deep passion for music and languages.

Always ready to learn something new.

@ I take care of all the content management and blog articles.

Happy to have you here! 😁

My favourite quote

Every person you meet is better than you in something: in that thing you can learn from them.

Melissa ǀ Customer Happiness Manager

In love with meditation and yoga.

I can spend the whole day in the nature, reading novels.

@ I take care of answering any kind of question our premium members might have.

Thank you for being here with us 🙏.

My favourite quote

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Moni ǀ Translator Guru

Passionate about exploring new cultures and languages.

You’ll find me hiking around Austria or relaxing at a local hut.

@ I am the one behind all the translation work into English and German.

Happy language learning! 🙂

My favourite quote

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible – Dalai Lama

Andrea ǀ Sound Engineering Maestro

Immersed in the world of sound and music, I am a passionate sound engineer dedicated to crafting captivating podcast experiences.

I spend my free time DJing. We all love music, don’t we?

@ I take care of the audio editing process.

Welcome to our world 🎶.

PS. Yes, I hate being photographed. Simone successfully blackmailed me to be able to get this passport-like pic of me.

My favourite quote

Music is life itself – Louis Armstrong

Lucio ǀ PR & Media Relationship Manager

Passionate about meeting new people, learning, and expanding my world every day.

Living through learning.

@ I cultivate positive connections with media outlets and facilitate effective communication with our sponsors.

My favourite quote

Love your Process – Gary Vee