Impara l’italiano ascoltando podcast in italiano. L’attività fisica fa bene al cervello? In questo episodio parliamo di come lo sport influenzi in modo positivo le performance e le capacità cognitive del nostro cervello. e come lo sport mantiene il cervello giovane.

Per approfondimenti ecco il video sul canale YouTube di Cristina Rosazza “Neuroscienze in pillole“.

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Learn Italian by listening to podcasts in Italian. Does doing exercise improve the performance of your brain? In this episode we are going to talk about how practicing sport has a positive impact on our brain and about how being physically active keeps the bran young.

To go more in-depth here you find Cristina Rosazza’s YouTube channel mentioned during the episode “Neuroscienze in pillole“.

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  1. Gyani Richards
    Gyani Richards says:

    I’ve been a member and working with Simone for a couple months now and it’s been great. He’s a talented and enthusiastic language coach and I am learning a lot. Highly recommended!!


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