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Fun! Nice voice, perfect level and pase

Thank you so much for making this super nice podcast. Great voice and clear pronunciation, easy to understand and really interesting topics. I am forgetting that I am learning. Definitely the best Italian podcast I’ve tried and I am highly recommending it to all Italian learners!


Einer der guten Podcasts, um Italienisch zu lernen! Simone, hör Dir doch mal Oscar Pellus, Unlimited Spanish und Madame à Paname an. Die machen mehr zur Aktivierung des Sprechens.

A great discovery!

I’m not sure how he does it, but Simone is able to come up with really interesting topics very regularly, and the way he speaks sounds entirely natural but I can understand every word. I even forget that I’m listening t something in Italian! This is the Stephen Krashen method exactly as it should be. Thanks Simone.

Interesting on all levels!

My favourite Italian podcast. I learn something new with every episode and not only linguistically. Thanks for making this content free of charge Simone!


Oggi sono un po’ triste perché sono arrivata all’ultima puntata del tuo podcast. Non vedo l’ora di un nuovo episodio.

Bravo Simone!

Sei bravo, Simone! Che bel podcast, grazie per il tuo lavoro con questo podcast. È davvero un piacere ascoltarti.

Great Podcast – really easy to follow

I love this podcast! Simome talks in a way which is easy to understand and simple to follow. My level is approximatiley B2 and I have zero issues to understand. Simone uses an everyday language and words which might seem more difficult are being explained by him. Also the topics to me are very interesting and habe a lot of variety. I recommend this very much. Greetings from switzerland. Thanks Simone!

Fantastico; Fantastic

This podcast is an incredible resource for learning Italian. If you have at least a base of knowledge of the Italian language, it really is comprehensible and he takes the time to explain more complex or nuanced terminology/expressions making it very easy to follow along. Most importantly, it is not a podcast that tells you: “this is Italian grammar, follow the rules!” (How boring that would be!). Instead, Simone discusses interesting ideas, from philosophy, to technology, to lifestyle, to the future, and one of the most important things when it comes to learning a language, apart from keeping input comprehensible, is input that IS INTERESTING, because the more it interests you, the more your brain processes it as information worth remembering! Absolutely a necessary part of your Italian study routine! Highly recommend!


I’ve been studying Italian (3-6 hours a day) for 6 months and I have now reached the point where I can listen to full length content and understand 90% of it. The problem is, a lot of podcasts blow through new words and forms of speaking, thus causing me to miss a lot of it. This guy EXPLAINS new words whilst remaining in Italian, so that I don’t have to go look them up or switch to thinking in English at any point. He speaks at the perfect pace for me and i can feel my comprehension skill level up with every listen. For the record I’d say I’m at about a B2. Bravo. AND THANK YOU

My favorite Italian language learning podcast!

Love this podcast! I love your voice your tone and your speed of speaking. I find your stories very entertaining, you are a great story teller. I am a Cuban, Spanish American who lives in the south of Spain and in Love with all things italian. Thank you so much for your work!


Sono troppo felice di incontrare questo podcast!


Divertente, utile, interessante. Simone è molto simpatica fa molto piacere ascoltarlo

Il miglior podcast

Senza dubbio questo è il miglior podcast per imparare l’Italiano. Simone parla de tante cose interessante e condividere le sue esperienze non solo di viaggio però anche di studente di varie lingue. Mi ha inspirato a continuare a imparare, il mio livello di comprensione è cresciuto incredibilmente. Si lo raccomando a tutti!

Divertente ed utile

Per caso – e per fortuna – ho scoperto questo podcast. Sono molto felice di averlo trovato. Mille grazie Simone, per il tuo ammirevole lavoro. Sono tedesco e vivo alternativamente ad Amburgo e in Liguria.


ein toller podcast zum italienisch üben

I recommend

I’ve enjoyed this podcast. The host has a sense of humor (as Italians often do) and interesting stories from his travels. I recommend this for us learners of Italian at least. He gives useful advice on language learning too. – Max

Excellent for italian leaners

Very good podcast for people wanting to really improve their italian level. Simone speaks about everything with an appropriate pace.

Grazie Simone

A settembre viagiamo a Milano ed a Lago Maggiore. Mi piace molto udire il vostro podcast.Lei parla chiaramente – e sono sani le sue lezioni per la vita .😊 Dana

Da Melbourne Australia!

Cinque stelle 👌Top ✅


Fantastico grazie


Grazie per questo podcast! Tornerò in Italia al fine de settembre per un viaggio e devo praticare tanto la lingua!!! Ho trovato questo podcast ieri e già mi ricordo tanto più della parole che non ho usato per troppi anni!! Thank you!!!

Grazie mille!

Un podcast formidabile, grazie mille Simone! Sono tedesco, abito a Monaco e studio l’italiano per lavoro.

Grazie mille

Ciao Simone. Mi piace tantissimo il tuo podcast, mi ha aiuto tanto con l’apprendimento del italiano. Grazie mille. Mi piacciono sopratutto gli episodi in cui parli dei tuoi viaggi e della tua vita di nomade digitale. Ti auguro molto successo per il futuro (Amir, Inghilterra)